ES File Explorer APK For Android V4. – Download Latest 2018

ES File Explorer Apk It is 2017 and technology are progressing at a speed never ever seen before since our existence. Everything and everyone is more interconnected and integrated with the internet than ever before.  Earlier, you needed to have a computer or a laptop to perform complex tasks, edit files and for various other processes. But this is not mandatory at all in the current age where smartphones have become an integral part of every individual.

As technology in handheld devices increase exponentially, it is possible to perform many complex tasks on these smartphones as easily as you would on a computer. This has expanded the usage of smartphone among users as more and more processes can be executed on them without wasting heavy resources which were required while using computers and laptops.

Why We Need a File Explorer APK in Android:

ES File Explorer

Android smartphones have grown massively from what they were earlier before, with increased screen size, higher processing power and a large amount of memory. This has made them indispensable to people using them as they provide almost all the services and programs found in computers, with an added advantage of mobility while performing heavy tasks. People now use smartphones to draw animations, write codes and build balance sheets for their businesses among many other complex operations.

A file explorer is a program which allows users to access the physical memory bank of their mobile and perform tasks associated with it. File explorers display the folders created inside your android operating system during its usage and allow users to delete, edit or move them from one storage location to other. People also use file explorers to batch delete files and for batch movement of files from one folder to another. Unfortunately, the standard file explorer which comes with Android has its limitations and can’t carry out complex tasks such as writing files to SD card or moving apps to external memory.

This is where ES File Explorer Apk comes into play. The much-acclaimed file explorer of recent times, the ES File Explorer is the perfect tool for everyone who wants to perform tasks related to the internal memory of their Android device and to move files or carrying out batch processes. It also allows rooted phones to access the main application folder of Android and move apps from internal memory to SD card, freeing up space on your device which will help apps and games to function more smoothly. Many important system details are also shown by the ES File Explorer such as memory status, battery health, build specifications and android version used by your device.

Some great features of ES File Explorer are listed below:

  • Built-in app to run services like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Provides option to view all available media on the device such as music, images and videos and displays their storage location for easy access.
  • Using network section, you can view File transfer processes and add a local server or connect to your computer wirelessly.
  • Many inbuilt tools to improve your smartphones life, such as memory cleaner, SD card analyzer, and download manager among others.
  • Users can batch rename files, saving precious time and simplifying a very complex procedure.
  • You can also create zip files which are used to compress heavy data files into a smaller file having a low memory than the original one.
  • Encrypted files with password protection can also be created using ES File Explorer, allowing you to store sensitive information more securely.
  • Users can uninstall inbuilt system apps which come pre-installed on the device. These apps take huge spaces and consume RAM needlessly, and having the option to install them is literally a blessing.

Thus, ES File Explorer is undoubtedly the best file explorer around and there is no surprise that it has millions of users worldwide. Now we will look down on how to download the ES File Explorer Apk Download and subsequently install it on your android device.

How to Download ES File Explorer Apk:


ES File Explorer Apk can be downloaded via their official website or you can install the file from the Google Play Store also. Just type ES File Explorer in the search bar and the application will show up in the results. If you are downloading from external sources or third-party app stores, make sure that you download the latest version possible and avoid downloading older versions or independent builds others than the official one.

We suggest you download the file from the official website of ES file explorer only which would confirm that you only install the latest version with all new features made available by the developers.

How to Install ES File Explorer Apk:

The Installing Procedure for ES File Explorer is explained below:

  • After you have downloaded the latest version of the ES File Explorer Download, head to the download folder where the file will be present in the apk form.
  • Before installing, go to settings and allow installation from unknown sources so that Android does not restrict you from installing the application. After you have completed the above procedure, all you need to do is install the apk file.
  • After installation is complete, you will see the ES File Explorer icon in your application menu and you can start using it straight away.


All in all, ES File Explorer is surely one of the best file exploring application made till date. Its great user experience, rich details, and incredible inbuilt tools provide everyone the ease of managing cluttering files and clearing undue space from their devices. Make sure you install the ES File Explorer Apk right now and start exploring your phone a little more efficiently.

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