FlekStore APK Download Latest Version For Android & iOS 2018

Flekstore Apk might be the word is new for many. But there are people who are in extensive use of this system. So for those who don’t know about this app let me inform. Flexstore is an app which is used for both IOS and Android for rooting and doing the desired modification on our devices. Flexstore is easy handy and smooth to use. The availability of this app on both the operating system makes this app one of the best used. Even you can jailbreak your IOS device with just a few clicks.

But today we will discuss how we can download APK version of Flekstore on our device. There are many Android device and versions which do not support this app so for those the APK version will be just fine. So here we will provide with a complete solution with the Flekstore APK download. Not only that we will also show the important features of Flekstore which will help you to gain more idea about this magnificent app. The steps which we will discuss today are easy and most importantly these are tested so feel free to try them.  So let’s jump into the discussion.

Flekstore Downloading Procedure of APK file:


Here we will list out what are the steps which help the user you to download the APK version of Flekstore. There is a condition to start the process you have to do changes on the devices or else the file won’t get downloaded.

  • The foremost step will be going to the devices setting and then select the option of enabling from an Unknown source.
  • Now when you are at the unknown source option you have to simply enable the option for the easy download of the file on your system.
  • This step is necessary because the APK is from a third party so for that this necessary steps are required. If this change is not made the file won’t get downloaded.
  • Once you have completed this steps you are now prepared for the download of the APK file of Flekstore.
  • Now for downloading the file Click HERE. The process might take few moments to get over so be patience. When the download process gets completed, store the file in such a location so that you get an easy access during the installation process.
  • Once this process gets completed you are done with the download process. You have to go through the installation process.

Installing the Flekstore Apk file:

  • To start the installation procedure, you have to visit the folder where the download  APK file is kept and explore it.
  • Now, to begin the installation process you have to click the APK file of Flekstore. Once you click installation procedure begins. During the installation process, you will come across different types permissions which you should simply agree.
  • Here the permissions are some of the terms and conditions which you have to accept which will help you to conclude the process.
  • Now when the download process gets over you will see the shortcut icon of the app on your device home screen.
  • Now simply click on the app and you are ready for using the app.

These are the vital steps which will help you download the Flekstore app easily on your device. The steps are very easy to follow. Now let’s check out the important features of Flekstore which will show you a broad idea about Flekstore.

Useful Features of Flekstore:

Here we have shown some of the important features. These features are the significant features of this app which make it special.

  • This app gives you the freedom to customize your device according to your need. The customization process is very simple and easy.
  • You can add your desired app with the help of Flekstore easily. The audition process is very easy.
  • The user can easily download different types of tweaks and modification with few touches.
  • The most attractive feature is the rooting feature which makes it very simple whatever you want with your device.
  • The interfacing system is very advance which allows the new users to use the app easily.
  • Most importantly the app is reliable and trusted.

So these were some of the steps which will allow you to download the app easily. The steps are very easy and trusted to be free to use them.


Here we have also mentioned some of the important features of Flekstore Apk which will guide you to know each and every detail about this app. There are many people who are using this app and have given good feedbacks. So why don’t you give a try and use this app by following the above-mentioned steps? So this was all about Flexstore. Hope this would help you in better understanding this. For further queries leave a comment down below and we will get back to ASAP!

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